Friday, June 16, 2017


Three hours into the twelve hour job of removing the flooring upstairs, I sprained the middle finger on my right hand - ouch. Continuing with the work wasn't the best choice from a healing point of view but definitely the best choice from a moving along with the renovations one. Progress is being made and it's taking longer than I hoped. One of my contractors failed to tell me he wouldn't be here Thursday or Friday so I failed to arrange for someone else to be. Sigh. That's life.

One of the great things about the Internet is finding images to illustrate what you want. It's so much clearer than trying to describe something. I've always loved a more sophisticated country look, clean not cluttered, and so even though that's trendy now when it's not it'll still be Myrna.

I've been researching how to paint upholstery for the check couch in the living room. I'm done with check but still like the shape and feel of it and it's in excellent condition. I'll practice on a thrift store chair first. Mine will be simple, nothing this complicated, but how fun is that.

When the sprained finger didn't settle down as fast as I thought it should, I went to see my doctor and she said an extra nine hours of work means a longer healing time... and to rest it... hmm. I can write so I'm still able to journal. I haven't been able to wire wrap. Things are a bit too cluttered for sewing. I have managed to figure out how to knit without hurting it too much. Next week, I'm hoping to work on the yard and escape all that's going on in the house although I'll be careful. I have a friend coming to play in the studio the week after and I definitely want to be in shape.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - dishes back in cupboards


  1. If you are inclined, check out the Portuguese style of knitting. I taught myself to do it when the arthritis in my thumb became so bad that knitting just plain hurt. It takes the pressure off your fingers so that you hardly have to move them at all.

    1. LOL - I'm not inclined right now since I have so much else going on but it's definitely something to look in to in the future. I like learning alternate just in case methods - like writing with my left hand. It's fun and you never know when you might use it. Thanks for the suggestion. This week I'm hoping I'll be able to work outside on the walkway while the noise goes on inside.


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