Friday, June 9, 2017

The Opportunity To Edit

The contractor who is doing the next stage of renovation has been sick for the past few days so things are stalled at the moment. Two days lost will mess up all the dates down the line and that's just the way it is. In the end, it will all get done.

On Sunday, a friend is coming to help me pull up the hardwood floor. She's a woodworker and wants the hardwood for projects... that I'll be thrilled to see... but she doesn't want the tile so I started working on that last night. None of the tools that are supposed to do the job have worked so I've been using a hammer and a long screw driver and my skill and speed are picking up. Howard and I both hate tile so we'll be glad to see that go. I'm thankfully it's not the whole floor like one house we bought.

With all this mess, I've been taking every opportunity to eat out with a friend - for the food and the conversation. Tara gave me these flowers at dinner on Wednesday night. They're are an island of pretty in a sea of mess and brighten things up considerably.

Canadian Tire had an excellent sale on these Shaker style cabinets and my family bought them for me for my birthday. Howard intended to put them together but he not only doesn't like that type of work, it was going to be slow and painful for him so for our anniversary (the 36th) I hired someone to do it. It took Steve four hours with previous experience so I'm really glad I did that AND... it meant I could spend my birthday sorting and organizing in my studio.

Renovations and new furniture are always an opportunity to edit. Since I moved here, each time I've sifted and sorted I have less and less to sort out so I must be finding a rhythm between buying and creating. All of my fabric, knitting, surface design, and some of my books fit into the new cabinets. One more would have been just right to get everything and perhaps at some point down the line I'll do that but for now, this is perfect. I am a huge fan of closed storage. I like things behind doors and I like defined "buying" parameters based on space.

Every time I need an idea for the renovations, I check out Pinterest. It certainly is a good source although now that ads are popping up in-between the pictures that's a bit annoying. One gets tired of this constant selling invasion. I'm glad that as I get older accumulation interests me less and less and when I do buy something I want it to either fit my look, be functional, or be interesting and unusual. Clean lines, like this baseboard, are definitely a part of my look. Clutter is not. The light fixture is a great use for tea cups and would probably be fun to put together but it wouldn't work for me at all.

Also on Pinterest, I've been researching my next coaching assignment which is to make a simple t-shirt with a neckline coordinated to a jewelry piece. I don't know who made this rectangular pendant but I love the defined shape, simplicity, and texture of it. I'm debating a rectangular neckline which isn't one I'd normally wear so I'm also debating how I could wear it. AND...

... I've been knitting. The workmen have been in and out of the studio because the water shut off and the electrical panel are in here so it's been virtually impossible to do anything. Instead, I've been knitting socks and debating how wearing hand knit socks could fit into my "look". I was driving a car load of stuff down to the thrift store when it occurred to me that the nylon/acrylic, plain coloured, yarn that I was about to (snobbishly because it wasn't a natural fiber) give away was absolutely perfect for solid coloured socks with textured patterns. I didn't leave that bag - LOL.

My absolutely wonderful tenant gave notice yesterday. He's leaving in a month which means I'll need to do some touch-ups to the suite and then rent it again. One renovation will lead to another - although a smaller, quicker one. He's been here sixteen months and hopefully the next tenant will be equally easy to live with and stay as long or longer.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - slow but steady progress


  1. A new kitchen, how exciting !! Can't wait to see your painting creativity of the cabinetry. If you are removing the hardwood flooring and do not care for tile, I am curious as to what alternative you have in mind for the kitchen. Wow, only 6 years being married to Howard! You're virtually still newlyweds !! Happy belated anniversary.

    1. Too funny. It was our 36th. I corrected that. So much for proof reading skills. The alternative I'm putting in is commercial grade vinyl plank with a cork underlay. It's easy maintenance, durable, and goes in bathrooms and kitchens so I can do the entire area.

  2. Those cabinets are a great gift, as was hiring them assembled as a gift to Howard. I'd be trying really hard not to wait too long to buy another. Whenever I do that, the items have been too often discontinued and I'm still stuck with a hodgepodge trying to work together. I'd love updates on how hard your new floor is to install and holds up. I have carpet in the sewing room and *hate-hate-hate* it with the wheeled chairs. I keep debating laminate? hardwood? roll vinyl? vinyl planks?


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