Friday, July 7, 2017

A Hint Of Turquoise

After four and a half weeks of renovating, I am beyond sick of dust and very tired of workmen in the house and - thankfully - it's nearing the end although as you'll read later, it's also nearing a beginning.

This journey started with changing the countertop in the kitchen and moved from there... like a row of falling dominoes... which I knew it would... which is why I put it off for as long as I did. Yesterday, the beadboard started going up on the back splash in the kitchen. YES YES - what a difference that makes. Fewer raw edges. I couldn't resist adding a pop of colour. I'm hopeful that all but the paint will be done by Friday and that I'll be able to do that on the weekend and then "move" into the kitchen again.

With my decorating scheme, every room has some turquoise in it for continuity - and probably because it seems to be my latest colour love. When the thought of adding a hint of turquoise to the interior doors popped into my head, it was immediately followed by no, I should paint them white. As in play it safe. I don't do should anymore. I painted them Crystal Springs, a light turquoise from Benjamin Moore. Lime and turquoise work well together and, along with a wide white trim, will really show off the doors. I love this style of door. I've renovated a lot of houses and this profile is new for me but one that I've always loved in older homes. It's fun to be doing something new and something I've always loved in my retirement home.

On the weekend, Howard and I went for a walk at Canoe Point. It's a beautiful, up and down, curving path with two areas of boardwalk that I particularly wanted to see since they were featured in an exhibit at the art gallery last year. There are several things I wanted to do more of when I moved here - like hiking and biking - that weren't possible the first year due to falling down the stairs and have been delayed this year with the renovations BUT... that's an excuse. I need to take the time especially as hiking and biking fits into my goal of holistic health and improved fitness.

My youngest son is working at a bible camp for the summer and has decided to wear a cape every day as his distinguishing factor - you know... Kyle... the guy with the cape. On Monday, I sewed him a red one with black seams serged to the outside and painted details. I added a pocket with a pen so that everyone can sign his cape. He'll enjoy this souvenir of his summer.

My tenant gave notice a few weeks ago and is moving out mid month. Each time a tenant leaves, I want to do upgrade something in the suite until it's the way I want it to be. For upgrade, read more renovations. Sigh. This time, I plan to do the kitchen and I've spent three days looking for used kitchen cabinets at every possible store between Kamloops and West Kelowna. I haven't found any cabinets. I did find a desk. At the ReStore in Kamloops, there was ten minutes left in their 50% off anything in the store sale. I bought it for $30 and it's perfect for jewelry making with the narrow drawers for storage and a good work surface. It just needs painting.

It was fabulous having a friend here for a visit. I actually spent some time in the studio and one of the projects I worked on was refashioning this pendant. The original piece was the assignment in one of my on-line classes and turned out less than wonderful because I made the edge as wide as the widest part of the stone instead of as wide as the narrower edge it would be wrapping. Good learning. So I...

...popped out the stone, hammered the shape with a rawhide hammer, and added some wire remnants from my work station to make this pendant for my ex-boss. She wanted a pendant on a 36" chain. On the left, is the look before the patina and on the right is the look after the patina. I don't have a lot of experience photographing shiny objects so the pictures are not as clear as I'd like. That's something else I want to learn as well as create some kind of photo booth for the pieces.

I also finished a baby sweater for a friend and painted the taupe pant pieces that I'd cut out a few weeks ago thinking they were grey.  I started with a black stencil of squares and then added turquoise, blue, copper, and more black, set the paint, sewed the pants, waited a day, washed them, and the copper splatters mostly washed out. I loved the splatters and without them the fabric is not nearly as wonderful - plus the pants are quite stiff - so I'm not sure if they will stay pants or morph into a purse. This stencil - however - is fabulous. It's new and I can see using it again.

The only thing I've done since my friend left is work in the garden, the start of painting upstairs, and the cape for my son. Not one room in my house is fully functional, furniture and closet "stuff" are in all sorts of places they don't belong, and - as mentioned previously - there's dust everywhere. Even in the studio. I don't work well in a mess and have been going out as much as possible. I try to think of things I can do away from the house and one is to work on a life list.

In my journal time, I'm reading The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau in which he writes about finding the quest that will bring purpose to your life. It's a slightly different perspective than I'm used to differentiating between a quest and a goal but the information is similar in many ways. I'm still trying to figure out what part of my life is a goal and what part is a quest.

The author mentions life lists often - the things you want to do before you die - and that seems an excellent question for me to consider. I know I want to buy an electric bike and ride more often and I know I want to take an extended holiday along the east coast of Canada and I am thinking strongly about do I truly indeed want to write another book or start another business and learning will always be a part of everything I do but what do I want to learn next. I haven't sat down and written things out because I'm not inclined toward lists however, in this case, it might be a good idea.... to make sure I know what I want to do so I can do what I want to do. Like a map. For the rest of my life. Do you have a life list?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - beadboard


  1. Interesting post. I LOVE the finished pendant!!! I would buy one just like it if it was available.

    I do not have a life list. I try to create my future by being happy and positive in the present, and pursuing interests as they arise.

    1. Thanks. LOL - there may be something similar for sale in the future. I like your approach. I'm much the same way and I'm curious to see what a list might add to that.

  2. Fabulous cape; one of my sons wore a cape everywhere for about a year, but he was much younger.....I miss that energy!



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