Friday, July 14, 2017

Tedious Tasks

There are so many fires in British Columbia right now that the sky is often filled with smoke making it difficult not only to see but to breathe. When smoke obscures the sun, the light is different with a strange glow. It's an eerie feeling. As you go about your day, you're constantly aware that somewhere relatively nearby is smoke and danger - a looming shadow.  Yesterday, the sky was clear, the sun shone, and I spent the afternoon visiting with a friend - a nice break.

With all the busyness and noise of the renovations in progress, I've been working on tedious tasks where I don't have to think too much. This week, I finished gathering the bed skirt for our room and recovered the seat of an ice-cream parlour chair that I'd bought years ago for my daughter's room. The original cover is a dirty, torn leather and my daughter's cover was a combination of pink and green. This time...


... I used one of the piece of canvas I'd painted several years ago when I was started to experiment with fabric painting and surface design. I started by making a template of the top, adding a seam allowance, and cutting it from an interfaced section of the fabric.

For the side piece, I measured the diameter and depth of the seat plus an added piece of foam for a bit more cushy. It's not a fine science so I pin fitted and kept altering the diameter until I liked the way it fit the top correctly.

For the bottom edge, I created a casing and then used shoe-lacing to pull it in snug to the bottom of the chair. I tied it with a knot and then tucked the ends inside. This way, I can take the cover off and easily launder it.

The wooden underside of the cushion is screwed to the metal frame of the chair to keep it secure and safe. I like the finished piece although I'm waiting until the room is finished before I add a layer of was just in case I want to add any more colours. It's going in the kitchen near the barn wood table that I'll be using as an island.

The next tedious task is to finish the quilt for our bed that I started either late in 2015 or early in 2016 by cutting a king size duvet cover into strips and quilting them individually. The next step is to piece the strips together to form the entire quilt top and then add the binding around the edges. One side of each seam will need to be hand stitched so I'm hoping to have them together by Monday for when the electrician is adding a new sub-panel and the power will be turned off. No electricity is great hand stitching time.

Talk soon - Myrna

- two tedious tasks done


  1. Your chair looks so nice - Love the painted fabric.
    In your July 7 post - you look so slim and trim! How much weight have you lost?????
    Congratulations. You look great.

    1. Thank you. I've moved the chair over by my jewelry desk and it's working great there. I lost 30 pounds and gained a bit back with the chaos of the renovations so I'm getting back on track. Probably 25 in that picture.

  2. I love in California so I know how awful wild fires can be. Please stay safe and inside if the smoke gets too bad. Sounds like the construction is going along nicely and hopefully it will be finished soon. Looking forward to many before and after photos!

    1. The smoke is bad some days and not the rest. So up and down but I'm lucky not to be near any flames. I am hopeful the construction upstairs will be done next week. The suite after that. Yes, I'll post photos.

  3. We had terrible fires in the Everglades while we were in Florida this past winter and yes, strange daylight when the smoke is so thick.

    1. An eerie glow and almost neon on the dashboard.


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