Friday, July 21, 2017

What's On Trend For Fall And Winter 2017

This week, I have done some really amazing things like take a shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, put on make-up, and do my hair in the same room. I've used the microwave and the dishwasher is running as I type. There are baseboards in every room and some of the closet doors are in place. As the raw edges get covered up, I'm feeling so much better. I'm hopeful that the work will be done by early next week and then I'm planning a short break before getting the work in the suite done so it's ready to rent by the first of September.

A few weeks ago, I bought a desk at the 50% off sale at the Re-Store in Kamloops. Last weekend, I painted it a light grey that doesn't compete with the wall or the table and blends nicely with the cabinet colour in the kitchen. The desk is set up in front of the patio doors in the dining room with a view of the pond just on the other side of my fence.

I had a piece of glass waiting to go to the thrift store and decided it was perfect as a mat since it wouldn't impact the colours I'm working with and would protect the desk top. On the desk top, I have the tools I use all the time plus a small computer for taking Craftsy courses. I'm on another workshop now about dimensional wire wrapping and almost ready to start the assignments.

A trip to the dollar store yielded boxes and trays that are perfect for sorting supplies and a glass vase from the thrift store is the right size for two spools of wire. There is still plenty of space for more supplies if needed as I begin to develop my work... or for storage for finished pieces.


I'm still working on the quilt for our bed. I started by dividing the top into nine sections and quilting them individually. In the picture above left, I'm sewing one strip to the back and one to the front of the quilted section with the right sides of the strips facing together. The darker grey strip is for the front. I pressed it up and away and then pinned the raw edge to the next quilted section.

That seam was stitched and pressed flat and open and then the dotted fabric was pressed up and the raw edge turned under and slip stitched in place on the back using the stitching line as a guide. On the front, the darker grey strip joins the two sections and the seam allowances fill the hollow in-between. After this picture was taken, I top stitched the darker grey strip. I have two more seams to slip-stitch in place and then the top will be all together and ready for binding the edges. It'll be nice to have this task done. I have a couple more to do before getting back to sewing clothing however...

... I have started looking at inspiration, patterns, fabrics, and what's on trend for fall and winter 2017. I went through several websites and took notes of what worked for me - which wasn't everything - but was actually quite a lot like silver, denim, cozy knits, neutral plaids, polka dots, florals, deconstructed garments, square shoulders, and velvet. Some of the sites contradicted each other especially about colour which really doesn't matter that much to me since I only wear the colours I love anyway. Turquoise and pink as well as black and blue worn together where mentioned and red is apparently the colour of the season. Since I never wear red, some version of fuchsia or magenta could fill that space. I'm excited to get back to clothing. I plan to start with "cozy knits".

Speaking of which... I purchased this sweater by Sarah Pacini in black from our local consignment store for $44.00. I remember seeing it in a boutique for somewhere around $400.00. A great find and a fun beginning to my fall wardrobe. YES YES

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - baseboards


  1. I love all the clothes, especially the white sweater and skirt. So beautiful. So elegant. And easy to wear.
    Vancouver Barbara

    1. Me too! I'm very pleased to have bought that sweater in black. It'll go with so much of my wardrobe. I'd love a skirt or dress with that elegant shape to go with.


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