Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sometime In October

It's not that I have nothing to say. In fact, all kinds of  topic ideas are jumping around in my head. And it's not that I have nothing to show. In fact, I have several projects ready to photograph, post, and talk about. BUT...

... what I seem to lack is the energy to actually sit down, organize text and pictures, and put it all together. In my head, it's doable. In reality, by the end of the day I just don't have what it takes. It feels like the last few weeks have been hair straight back trying to get the suite ready to rent and the house inhabitable and this week, we're looking after our two grandsons so it'll be all about the boys and not much more.

I have found bits and pieces of inspiration like the pieces shown here and I've been thinking about my coaching assignment of combining a simple neckline on a garment with a statement necklace - both made by me - however, that's as far as it has gotten AND... much to my annoyance...

... my daughter's purse is no further along that the last time we talked. The pieces are ready to sew together. The lining is complete. The straps need studding and the buckles buckling and it's sitting on work island. I really want to finish it next and I don't know if that'll happen. I'll have to see how things go after this next week of grandson-sitting.

Speaking realistically - it's most likely to be sometime in October before I get back to a regular routine so if there are postings before then, consider them a bonus and if there are none, I am coming back.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - several major projects are nearing the end

Friday, August 4, 2017

Two Very Long Days - Two Fabulous Days

Last night, when I would normally have written this post, I decided to lump on the couch instead and write it in the morning only in the morning, I decided to lump on the couch some more, and then go journal, and then have breakfast, and then write it which is why I'm later than normal in posting.

Last week's post must have appeared a little unusual to some of you. When I typed in the quotes, I was intending to come back and finish the post only I completely forgot about it between spending one entire day removing tile flooring in the suite and another in emergency with Howard... with kidney stones... which have since passed. Two very long days. It made me giggle that that post got so many comments. I wondered if I should just include a few quotes more often.

One of the things I've really enjoyed about blogging is the opportunity to meet others who love what I love. I met my friend Mary on a trip to Calgary four years ago. When I needed some more cabinets from a store near her, I asked if she'd be willing to pick them up, deliver them, and come for a visit. I was SO GLAD to see her. Not only do we have a lot of fun together, it meant no more renovation work and two fabulous days in the studio.

Mary worked on two tank tops, one of which was this perfect combination of fabrics. I knew you'd enjoy seeing it. She also made a muslin of a pant pattern that she's tweaking into perfection and we found an alteration that just might be the final click. It's so fun to talk "sew language" with someone who gets it, whose eyes don't glaze over and roll back, and who can bounce ideas around with understanding.

I worked on Katherine Tilton's Butterick 6325 which turned out wonderful only I have so many images for this post that I'm going to save it for another time. One thing I celebrate is that I've come to a point with fitting tops where I can make the alterations, sew the garment from start to finish, try it on, and it fits exactly the way I want - 99% of the time - and when there's a glitch, it's usually the fabric. I'm aiming in that direction with pants too.

The bedskirt is still folded and on the shelf in the studio - mostly because I don't feel like wrestling with mattresses by myself - however, the quilted bedspread is finished and on the bed. I'm quite happy with how it looks. There was - of course - an entire pile of scraps left over ready to be made into another project. I remain amazed at the amount of scrap one project can create.

And, I am - FINALLY - working on my daughter's purse. She's chosen the round studs and we're debating whether to put them on the patterned fabric or on a solid black. They're actually silver only I've messed up some button on my camera and it's not photographing things quite the way I'd like and, at the same time, my dinosaur of a photo editing program didn't survive the last forced upgrade from Microsoft and is now non-functioning so I'm attempting to learn a new, free, one - GIMP - which is similar so hopefully that goes well.

Today, I want to finish the lining of the purse - of which Jessica so excellently chose this gorgeous lime - and get started with the studded straps. Over the weekend, I'll need to paint the basement suite so it'll be finished and ready to rent for the 1st of September. It seems like summer has gone by in a haze of dust, smoke, and renovations and I barely stopped to enjoy it. Hopefully, we'll have a long and beautiful fall with time for walks along the lake.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - restful creative play dates with a friend