Friday, November 3, 2017

A Warm & Cozy Studio

Apparently, I wasn't really paying attention to all the talk about snow this week since it was quite a shock to wake up to a white world yesterday morning. The snow has been....

... coming down so steady that I'm likely to be curled up in the studio for several days. First snow falls are never fun to drive in. Last night was the first of five "every Thursday in November" artist talks at a local studio. I opted not to attempt to attend. Warm and cozy in the studio seemed a much better - and safer - option.

When my friend from up north called on Wednesday, I answered the phone but only because it was her. When I told her I was vetting my calls, she responded with you must be finishing up a major project. Yes, the purse, I said. THE purse, she replied.

This purse of my daughter's has taken on a personality of its own. Thank God - literally - that it's mostly together. Yesterday, I worked on the sparkle and today I'm hoping to put the pieces together. Above are the straps that run from the bottom of the bag up to the zipper and hold the buckle. There are two on each side as you can see on the original below. There will be more bling on those straps and less on the handle... or not... depending on how I resolve the handle issues. Jessica said the more bling the better which gives me lots of latitude.

Originally, I intended to use studs like the original purse has except that the task of inserting them was going to be monumental so I gave Jessica some "bling choices" and she chose the rhinestone ribbon. The stones are on a black webbed background. I sewed the ribbon on by first spray basting it to the fabric and then using a darning foot to hover the presser foot above the surface and stitch in-between the rows of rhinestones. It's very secure. And now it feels like I'm making progress. And I have to. Because I have disallowed myself to start anything new until I finish this project.

And because, I've done all the procrastinating I can do. There is nothing left in the studio to finish although I thought that once before and then found another basket of knitted projects that needed blocking and finishing. But that's it and new ideas are demanding attention. The purse needs a happy ending and a new home.

The simple neckline on this black t-shirt is the one I'm using to design the necklace in my last assignment from Diane. I finished the binding differently. It occurred to me that because I'm already stabilizing the neck edge with interfacing, it's not going to stretch, so the binding is not going to stretch, which means it doesn't need double needle stretchy stitching. Instead, I serged the binding in place, turned it to the wrong side, top stitched the edge, and then stitched in the ditch for extra security. The neckline looks neat and clean without trying to aim those two needles to both hit where they are supposed to and it's stable and not going to stretch or pop any stitches. I know. I yanked!

For indoor garment and product photography, I am working on setting up a booth - of sorts - in the studio. Right now, I'm exploring threading backdrops onto doweling that could be hung over hooks on top of the fabric cabinets. It seems like a good solution and would allow me to have several different backgrounds although I may need to shuffle the cabinets so there's an open space in front of them for the tripod and I still need to get the correct lights. Slowly progress is being made here too.

I was "talking" with Nicole Hanna in an email the other day and mentioned that I had made some really bad drawings of my necklace to fit the simple neckline ideas. Here they are - my bad drawings. They make sense to me and I guess that's all that matters since I'm the intended audience. They will definitely look better in copper.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a warm and cozy studio


  1. Snow this morning on Orcas Island and around the Puget Sound, apparently. We got rain here, though the snow level will drop lower over the weekend.

    Once you finish that purse, you'll be happy, and so will Jessica!

    1. LOL - so true. I plan to announce success next week.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm on the handles as we type. They are turned and pressed, ready for the eyelets, the nylon cording, top stitching, and the decorative finish. YES YES. Should be today - she says hopefully.


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