Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Funky Skirts And Forward Thoughts

Last year, I attempted to make a piece for the Red & White member's exhibit at the gallery and it never came about. When I thought about why, it seemed to me that it was a combination of not connecting to the theme and of trying to create with rusty skills.


In January, there's another exhibit called 18 and members can contribute either two dimensional pieces that are 18" x 18" or three dimensional pieces that are 18" x 18" x 18". Up until last night, I was determined to enter and - in fact - I have some pieces started including...

... this textile exploration of flat houses. Several of my favourite artists paint in this style and I've always wanted to try it in textiles. Since taking this picture, the piece has advanced considerably and the stitching is adding detail and depth to the shapes. And I've answered the question. I can do this in textiles and I could even become quite good at doing it in textiles. Do I want to?

Yesterday, I also explored funky skirts both in a local boutique and on-line and had an interesting conversation with a friend about how much I enjoy developing outfits for an event like the luncheon last week or a celebration or holiday. I get huge amounts of joy and satisfaction from putting together the complete look. Right now, I'm snoop shopping for wardrobe inspiration for a trip next March and the energy I feel around what to wear on my holiday is far and beyond what I'm feeling for creating the wall art. And that's interesting.

Why? What do I want to do and am I doing what I want? My goal with entering the 18 exhibit was to introduce myself to the community in a more visible way and make connections but perhaps that's not how I want to introduce myself. Perhaps, I'd rather make a new outfit for opening night and attend rather than be in the exhibit.

Sometimes, it feels like knowing myself is a moving target - that just when I think I know what I want everything changes and yet, every once in a while, I have one of those ah ha moments that shifts things either slightly or in an entirely new direction. Sometimes, it's a confirmation and sometimes, it's an epiphany.

Thrown over the dress form is a man's XL shirt that I picked up at the thrift store last week, washed in hot water, dried in the dryer, shrunk, and intend to refashion into a shrug of some kind. I've started a pile of potential fabrics to go with and I can see this shirt evolving into one of garments for my holiday. I'm excited about what's developing and thinking about the combination of a bottom, a top, a layer, a statement necklace, shoes, and all the parts and pieces that go together to make an outfit that is self expressive. And I think, perhaps this is where I am meant to be. Perhaps, like traditional quilts, textile wall art is ready to become a part of my past and instead of attempting to pick it up again every once in a while, I need to let it go. It's an interesting thought.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful -  funky skirts and forward thoughts


  1. Do entries for this show all need to be square? On a canvas? I am thinking about those wonderful little coats you make and whether you can submit something that is "ahem" outside the box? A garment made in 18x18 increments maybe? Just thinking out loud. 😊

    1. I haven't thought of a way to present a garment in the 2D format that would be as effective as I'd like. I am debating some kind of 3D item such as a "handbag".

  2. I too was thinking of your wonderful little coats as an "18" piece. But a handbag......hmmmmmmm. And of course the bell shaped skirts are terrific!



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