Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Similar But Not Identical

The purse is finished. I'm ignoring it for a few days so right now, it's perched on my mannequin's shoulder waiting to be photographed although this style of bag is similar to the dress that looks better on the body than on the hanger. It's a scrunchy bag and needs some filling out. That'll be a new learning curve for the photography to see how I can style it to make it look its best. Learning new skills bit by bit with each product is making learning photography a little less overwhelming. I hope you're seeing progress.

It's my preference to start a new year with no unfinished projects and most of the time that's exactly what happens because I start organizing things in that direction about this time. This year looks good. There are no knitting, sewing, or wire weaving projects waiting in the wings right now and if I make sure to finish what I work on next before starting something new, I will start 2018 with open flow and a sense of direction.

The local art gallery is having an on-line fundraising auction. I didn't get these two cardigans finished in time to be photographed and on the website but it still worked out. I sold them to a friend who has twin great-grandsons and donated that money to the gallery. This is my style of volunteering.

Two is not exactly a series but it was fun to use the same yarn in different configurations and to make two similar but not identical cardigans that go together. Their Mom is not dressing them identical so these are perfect.

I have found that using the same theme or component and working in series really stretches my creative capabilities. I have used this simple pattern numerous times in various sizes and stitch combinations. It's a small blank canvas that lets me explore possibilities. These two cardigans are size 12-18 months.

Something else I really need to explore is new photography software. I haven't managed to figure out how to crop with the one I'm using right now and I'm not sure I want to stay with it. Since my previous product is now non-functioning and I have to make a change, I'm debating going with a product that is more mainstream where I could find a lot of help on-line.

These photos were taken indoors by the window with natural light coming from the side. What do you think? They seem slightly overexposed to me but I can see that I am making progress and over exposed can be corrected with software... when I learn how... when I pick some software.

On Monday, I started on the necklace to fit the simple neckline. YES YES! It seems like I've been waiting forever to get to this project. I'm hoping to explore several ideas which would make it a series of simple neckline necklaces and would teach me a lot about working with wire in that formation. It's exciting to be moving in new directions. There are so many ways to work with copper. I've ordered some books on etching, enameling, and colouring on copper.  A year ago, I had no idea that my creativity was going to go in this direction. It reminds me to keep exploring and to remain open to possibility.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the purse is finished


  1. Those sweaters are really cute, Myrna! The lighting on the detail is great. The lighting on the full shots could be brighter. Also, it would be nice to crop out the non-white edges in the background.
    Thanks for the inspiration for finishing projects every year. Its an excellent idea and I will try!

    1. Thank you and thanks for the feedback. Yes... cropping would be good... as soon as I figure that out. I hope you find out as I did how fresh and open it feels to start the new year with no UFOs.

  2. The sweaters are superb...lucky twins!
    And thank you for "stating the obvious" - in tying up loose ends before the New Year! What a great idea....duh why haven't I made that a rule?? I only have two sewing projects to finish so you have given me incentive! Now, to only get the rest of our corn out of the's COLD here today but we are moving equipment to a new field (which means we are making progress) and will open up the field later today. I will be swathed in CuddleDuds and Carhaarts. 8-)

    1. You're welcome. Stay warm. We have huge fluffy flakes falling down right now. Pretty and nice to be inside.


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