Friday, December 8, 2017

Being Exactly What I Complain About

Walking to Starbucks yesterday morning in the predawn lack-of-light-ness, wearing dark clothing and a black winter coat, when it's near to impossible to see a pedestrian, I realized I was being exactly what I complain about, hard to see, as well as putting myself in danger. Luckily, I walk on the sidewalk but even so, adding a reflective element to my wardrobe would be a good idea.

The pond in my back yard has that layer of ice that looks black and clear, like it's not even there, so it was rather amusing to see the ducks fly in, land, and walk on water. There's a group of seventeen on the pond this fall and their antics will be entertaining. Earlier, when it snowed, they'd go for a walk around the edges in pied piper fashion leaving a row of duck prints behind them. The open water is closer to and just over from my house and, with seventeen of them, is edge-to-edge ducks.

Outfit One will be comprised of a skirt, a knit top, hand-knit wristlets, a large Chinese knot necklace, and a bag as well as the the gold leather shoes I found earlier this week. All of the elements are started; none are finished.

For the skirt hem, I used 2" wide elastic and tested different lengths in 4" increments starting at 40" and moving up to 52" before settling on 44". To make it easier, I marked the intervals on the elastic before inserting it and then slid back and forth to the different measurements. The skirt is complete except for the waistband which is waiting for the top so I can layer them and get the proportions right before hemming the top and adding the waistband to the skirt.

Because I want a large necklace, I raised the neckline on the knit top and even though I tested it before adding the binding, once that was in place the opening was too tight to get over my head gracefully... if I wanted to keep my make-up on... and my hair done... so I lowered and widened the neckline slightly. To maintain the shape that I'd worked so hard to stabilize in earlier steps, I fused a strip of non-stretch interfacing next to the binding before cutting it off.

That cut off section will go in my bits & pieces of potential box for use down the road as ties, maybe even on the purse. This pile of clothing came home with me from the thrift store along with the shoes. On top is a gorgeous fuchsia pullover that's never been worn, then a black velour cardigan with "in" sleeves even though it's obviously from the eighties complete with shoulder pads, then a hand-knit man's sweater with a bleach stain on one sleeve but so beautifully knit that I feel the need to save it in some way, and a pair of way too small jeans with fabulous fabric that co-ordinates with the plaid shirt I bought a few weeks ago. Potential. I'm addicted to it.

The Calgary Cardigan is back in balls. It turned out huge and hugely unflattering. My friend Mary sent me a couple more skeins of the yarn to finish and I sent her this thank you picture. I'd hoped for the cardigan but this is as good as it gets. I'll re-knit the balls. I love the colour and the yarn. The wristlet pattern is Madrid, free on Ravelry. I started it in a thin, fuzzy, perfectly co-ordinated with my knit top yarn and was going cross eyed trying to figure see it clearly enough to figure out the pattern so this grey version is a practice run.


AND... I've also been practicing making knots with this thick upholstery cording. The large knot will be the focal bead of Outfit One's statement necklace. Even though I haven't finished anything, I'm excited about the start and am really enjoy The Outfit Project so far.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - fabulous thrift stores


  1. I made my son some fabric bands with reflective tape that Velcro on. He could use them around his ankles and wrists..easy to take off and on, and don't ruin the look of your outfit when you get where you are going.
    Barb from Prince George

  2. Thank you, thank you for being aware of the dark clothing at night situation. My neighborhood has many trees overhanging walks and streets and many pedestrians and bicycle riders who wear black or other dark colors (university neighborhood). When driving in the dark, I am terrified I'll hit someone. It is easy to assume that because we can see ourselves, others can see us too.

  3. I have a reflective vest and light up leash for night time dog walks because I am so afraid of being clipped by a driver who doesn't see me - and have had so many terrifying driving moments when suddenly a totally dark pedestrian looms up. Love the look of your skirt project, it will be fun to see the final outfit.


  4. Love the thrift store finds....! There is such a thrill in uncovering the potential and of re-using...can't wait to see the results!
    Have you ever heard of this?:
    Being a horsewoman I was quite amused to see knitting patterns named after dressage moves!! Amazing!


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