Friday, December 15, 2017

Hitting Road Blocks

Thursday night, my son went into Kamloops to watch the new Star Wars movie with his Dad, brother, and five other friends. It was a long movie, running late, followed by an equally long drive home. Even though he's twenty-eight, being his mother, I waited up for him. Call me when you leave. Call me when you get home. I told him. I doubt my children will ever get too old that I don't want to know they're home safely.

AND... it seemed perfect.. needing to be up late... because I intended to work all night, finish up some projects, write the blog during the hour and a half he was travelling, and sleep in Friday morning while it was auto posting itself. That didn't happen. Instead, it seemed like I kept hitting road blocks.

To start the statement necklace, I bought the largest upholstery cording I could find and practiced tying the knot shown in the earlier posting. Then I cut a strip of purple fabric, folded under and stitched the long edges, basted the strip to the cording, wrapped it around, and slip stitched the opposite edge in place before highlighting the seam with embroidery stitches in a lighter shade of purple.

And then I covered the fabric bead in glass beads with a purple exterior, a turquoise interior, and a slight gold glow that'll go fabulously with the knit top. The chain is a narrower upholstery cording...

... covered with a purchased bias trim. Because the cording would show through, there is a layer of black lining underneath the bias trim. To finish the necklace, I intend to incorporate parts from a broken antique, painted wood necklace that is somewhere in the studio. I know this for a fact because I brought it out earlier this week, evaluated it, discarded it, moved on to other choices, decided it would be the most appropriate choice afterall, and now can't find it.

While I've come to expect unexplainable things like losing a bright turquoise necklace in a highly organized studio as part and parcel of being committed to an engaging project, it's still rather frustrating. For now, the other parts are in a tray waiting... safely... I hope... while trusting that the necklace will show up sometime between now and the beginning of March and I can finish this piece. Since I was waiting on the necklace to finish the knit top, I've decided to use my favourite neck shape and then debate the hem. The focal bead is intended to sit at bellybutton level so at least I know that part.

Earlier this year, I bought a "placemat bag" from the local consignment shop for less than the wooden handles were worth. I particularly liked the way the sides were inset and folded and it seemed easy enough to duplicate only it turned into a series of errors instead. I've made several linings, numerous renditions of the sides, and sewed the pocket on, taken it off, and sewed it back on... twice... while debating how to do what I wanted to do. Before I started writing this post, I had just finished the real, live, this will get sewn in, lining. YES YES - I wasn't doing anything else until I got that done.

For the fashion fabric, I used a remnant that I painted about four years ago and added more turquoise and gold paint to the surface before layering it with batting and a purple backing and quilting it with turquoise thread. The binding is a gold dupioni silk with paint splatters held in place with hot pink top stitching around the edges. I didn't get a very good picture of the stitching. More when it's done.

Although I had figured out the inset and folded sides, I eventually chose another method with similar results. Seeing as this is day 10/10 for the first outfit and I only have 2/5 elements completed, there was the very real danger of taking the easy way out and dumbing down the project to something that was more quickly finished. I didn't want to do that. It's more important to me to push my creativity and to find a way to do what I want to do than it is to get 25/25 elements completed by due date. Luckily though, I do have some built in catch-up time and...


... while I was thinking and debating, I started on the statement necklace for Outfit 2 by knitting several long and narrow strips using different stitch patterns. On one strip, I created openings for beading. Both necklaces are radically different than anything I've made - or worn - before and that's really fun. along with pushing my creativity, I want to push my outward expression of my inner self as well and be as me as I can be. And me is done with playing it safe.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - figuring out the bag lining.


  1. You seem to be having fun despite the setbacks. Have you thought about making items that will coordinate with more than one outfit and thus help with you time limit? In the last year I've concentrated on selecting 2 colors per season which gives me lots of wardrobe options by mixing and matching. It really has been working for me. Karen

    1. That's another great idea, perhaps for another time. Because I wear so much black, my day-to-day wardrobe is very much like that and all of these parts and pieces I'm making now will easily fit in BUT... making five distinct outfits is part of the fun for me with this one, especially working from a starting point. Number one is fun and creativity. Five outfits is simply a bonus and a boundary.


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