Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Part One Of Outfit One

Today is day eight of ten allotted to complete outfit one. The knit top is not co-operating but the other parts and pieces are well under way.

The skirt is the first completed part - part one of outfit one. In retrospect, there are a few things I'd do differently but for the main part...

... it echoes the inspiration of the hemline of this skirt in a photo I found on-line. My hemline bells slightly more which I like better and my skirt is less full through the hips and waist which I also like better. One mistake I made...

... was to spend too much time worrying about the one way design and not enough about "twinning". In fact, because I had just barely enough fabric, it never really occurred to me until I saw the large turquoise moon shape repeating itself in all six panels at hip level where it was quite noticeable and again at hem level where it was less obvious with all the gathers. Next time, I'd flip several of the pattern pieces in the opposite direction.

To fix this skirt, I cut out darker sections of the print and pinned and then stitched them in place over the turquoise shapes.

Because turquoise is the dominant colour in the print, the stitching barely shows and is even less obvious when looking at the completed skirt. Without this change, I knew I probably wouldn't wear it so I'm glad I added the applique pieces. Once I finish the rest of the outfit, there will be far more demanding places wanting attention that unless I actually point out the fix, I doubt anyone but the keenest of eyes would notice. And that's okay with me.

The knit top is a solid turquoise and will have a large purple knot necklace as a statement piece. Purple, turquoise, and the gold in the print and shoes form a triadic colour scheme which is why I chose purple. For the knot button, I started with the fattest upholstery cord I could find and practiced tying knots in it before covering the piece with fabric. The necklace and the purse are well under construction and when they are done, I'll go back and decide on how to finish the top. I'm still not happy with the neckline but want to pair it with the necklace first.

For each item, I'm making a list of the steps involved as well as how I worked between the items in each outfit along with - 93 so far - points that I think about in my work while I'm moving through the creative journey. It occurred to me that the project would make an excellent book and/or workshop and since that's the direction I'm moving in - YES YES!

In the past, I've talked about this or that project that I wanted to take on... partially in hopes that making a public declaration would actually get the thing done... but the energy was never sustained and the idea faded away. NOW... after almost three weeks of planning and working on The Outfit Project... I am even more excited about it than when I started. Tap dancing inside excited. Thinking about it all the time excited. Picking out parts and pieces and making list excited. AND... And... and... It's been a long... Long... LONG time since I've been this engaged in a project and it's a wonderful feeling. I think this is - LOL - true love.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - an engaging project


  1. Without being told, I would assume the appliques were an intentional design element instead of an "oops" fix. It looks great!

  2. "The Outfit Project" sounds like an intriguing book; one I would love to read. One I'd be inspired by.

    1. That's very encouraging. Thank you.

  3. mmm loving this skirt ,not sure how it will look on my apple shape but I may have to try always so glad to see your excitement over creativity.i remember your self doubts a few years ago when I first found your blog.thanks again for sharing your ideas and how you achieve them xxx

    1. Thanks for noting that I've moved to a better place... and for sticking with me during that time. It's much appreciated.


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