Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Too Tight Jeans And Other Stretching Goals

When I asked for warm, somewhat stylish, and comfortable walking boots, all three sales women started to laugh. I know. It's a near impossible request and yet, that's what I wanted because I wanted to be warm, I wanted to be comfortable, and I still wanted to wear a skirt now and then. They found me...

... this low pair with a combination of leather, suede and fur trim. I needed boots because I am integrating walking with journal time and am making sure I have every opportunity for success. I have an umbrella for rain/snow and grippers for ice and a book bag that can hold these plus my wallet and I've gradually been increasing the walking distance by parking farther and farther away away from Starbucks. This week, I'm parking near Fabricland (which is another danger) and walking about 30 minutes one way, an hour in total. The weather is cold but not horribly below freezing and there's no snow on the ground meaning my resolve is far from being tested which is why...

... once a week, I wear my too tight jeans for as long as I can stand. At first, that was about twenty minutes. Yesterday, it was nine hours. This is an improvement. I have jeans in this current tight size, a size smaller, and a size smaller than that in my closet. I intend to keep trading my too tight jeans for a smaller too tight model. I must say that I have very strong and deep green envy for people whose weight never fluctuates more than a few pounds. I have no idea what that feels like. Imagine the wardrobe one could have if your weight never fluctuated. Deep. Green. Envy.

In September, when I went to my brother's wedding, I stayed with my aunt and we had a fabulous time together which is even more memorable since she had a serious stroke just a month ago and cannot be rehabilitated. She's one of my favourite people and I am feeling both devastated and motivated. We talked often and enjoyed having characteristics and interests in common... however...this is not something I want to share if I can help it. Although I am in reasonably good health, issues run in my family and her situation reminds me to take my own health more seriously.

I've realized that I like food far too much to make it the deciding factor. I cannot control my weight by diet alone. There has to be fitness in some form combined with - hopefully increasingly - healthy food choices. Walking to journalling is my start and I hope that as I see improvements - like 8 1/2  hours longer in my too tight jeans - that I'll be motivated even further.


Since the last posting, I've been paying attention to how enthused I am about creating outfits for my March holiday and whether or not the textile art ideas called to me. They did not. Instead, my mind has been bubbling over with ideas for each of the five outfits I "need" and so I've chunked down the time to figure out how to get what I want and it's a energizing and stretching goal.

I want to create five complete outfits with an upper garment, a lower garment, a layer of some kind, a statement necklace, and a bag that I create myself along with co-ordinating shoes that I may or may not need to paint. Each outfit will begin with a starting point and develop from there.

Outfit one started with the wide elastic of this ballooned hem. I chose the fabric shown earlier and yesterday, during a very quick trip into the thrift store on my way to the dentist, I found the leather shoes for $3.00. They have never been worn. There are absolutely no marks on the soles. WHAT a find and perfect for this outfit. The colour is more gold than my monitor shows and not my usual colour but perfect with the skirt and the shoes on your feet do not need to flatter your face.

SO... time wise... this chunks down into ten days per outfit. I added up all the weeks between now and the end of February leaving out March for packing and travel time and then I subtracted two weeks for Christmas and all the weekends and that left 53 days, divided by five outfits. As I said, it's a stretching goal. I'm aiming to make all new parts and pieces and at the same time I know I have some garments in my closet that can become a starting point if necessary. I'm very excited and ideas are flowing and that's a wonderful feeling.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - acknowledging that I'd rather make creative everyday clothing I can wear than wall art- YES YES!


  1. I am totally disgusted with my middle blob of weight that wants to take up permanent residence on my 60 year old body. Like you, I am walking and use my too-tight jeans to be a gauge of any success - however minute in mm.! On the farm I tend to have at least 12,000 steps/day (not including dedicated walking for exercise) yet I have a TERRIBLE time losing any poundage. I don't overeat either. sigh. I am almost done with a skirt for Christmas (Vogue 9060) and would like to not look like a balloon in it. 8-) Your shoe-find is fantastic! and will go perfectly with your outfit. I anxiously await the total look.

    1. V9060 is a fabulous skirt. I've made it several times. I hope you like it. The smooth top is helpful. My husband has a job with lots of walking and we've talked often about how - for him - that's just normal and he has to do more... which means that when walking to Starbucks is normal for me, I may need to add or change or something. I am also learning to be gentler on myself. I may not have the firm thighs I used to but I do have legs that support and hold me and I can walk and run and dance and play and after my fall down the stairs - where I didn't die, become paralyzed, or break - this is something I'm very thankful for.

  2. You can do it!!! Hopefully your deadline allows for your masterful creativity to come out! Great find on the boots too. Our thrift stores never have anything as nice as that nor anything at that price!

    1. THANK YOU for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. Being creative is a more important goal than finishing all five outfits and hopefully I can do both. YES... we have fabulous thrift stores here. It's quite a bonus and an addiction.

  3. I'm with you on envying those fortunate people who don't have to worry about weight changes. I just smile and nod when they tell me the secret is something simple like "everything in moderation" or "eat less, move more." Funny that these people often eat way more than I do, and they are no more active than I am. :)

    There are plenty of medical experts who believe obesity is a symptom of something else gone wrong in the body (eg hormones or missing nutrients). I tend to believe this based on my own constant efforts to maintain a healthy weight.

    Glad you found what gives you joy. Funny, I am completely the opposite, clothing interests me very little, while quilting (incl wall art) has become very exciting and satisfying. Creating beauty and meaning can be done in many ways.

    1. SO important to find what we enjoy. The energy of putting together The Outfit Project is a feeling I love and one that is familiar from other projects - like putting together a textile exhibit or writing a workshop. It's the point, the focus and a direction that really resonates and - of course - I love having clothes to wear. I think you're right about hormones/nutrients.


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