Sunday, January 7, 2018

I Forgot Friday Was Friday

Keep being the beginner. so hone your skills; take your craft seriously; learn what you need to learn' invest in yourself, practice your ass off, keep going, get really really really really good at what you do, but don't lose the fun in the process. Because, like, what's the point of doing all that work then? The only thing you need to do is do the very best you can. Once you've done that, the only other thing that matters is that you enjoy yourself. - You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Apparently I will not be working on the outfits in a linear process. I have parts of all of them starting as well as more ideas than outfits... which is a very good thing. While sorting the studio, I came across a pair of fuchsia curtain panels I'd bought at Ikea for my bedroom and then decided not to put up. I was about to send them to the thrift store when I realized they'd be great for serging into yarn. Using purple thread toned down the polyester look of the fabric and muted the colour somewhat.

After serging half the curtain, I knit the fronts and the sleeves and then weighed those to get an idea of how much more yarn I'd need for the back. I guessed well - on two meters too much which is better than two meters short although I then made another twelve strips to tie the pieces together.

This detail shot doesn't show the correct colour but you can see how I tied on the neckband. The pattern is the same as the grey one I knit in November although I had to alter the numbers for the change in gauge. With the knotted strips, there are 2 1/2 stitches per inch.

Here you can see the front and back. The back has an angled hemline and slit at center front that isn't showing very well in this image. I intend to do more shaping with it once the dress is finished. The really great thing about this piece is that any shaping is done by tying more knots. Too fun. I made several extra strips and put them in the cupboard I'm using to store the bits & pieces of The Outfit Project.

Today, I'm working on the dress to wear underneath. After tying the bolero together, I realized that this outfit was the perfect one for the tied on hem-line from the Luuka inspiration. I've worked my way through three different patterns before settling on altering Vogue 1410 to have a 3" band around the bottom tied to the upper dress. The back view gives you a better idea of why it'll work. I'll also eliminate the tucks front and back and add darts instead.  For the dress, I intend to stencil the curtain fabric with purple.

I'm reading You are a Badass as the creative portion of my journal time. This author writes with vulnerability and humour about her own personal journey and about how we can be our own worse enemy. I'm really enjoying it. While The Outfit Project is going to take up large portions of the first quarter of this year, I am looking forward to working on some business related goals - like the website, blog, teaching, and writing - this year. In the last posting, I asked what gift would you give yourself this year? This is one of the gifts I'm giving to me - being brace enough and out there enough to explore opportunities to share what I have learned in income producing ways that resonates with me.

I know it's Sunday and not my usual day to post. Howard was here all last week and we slept in and moved slow and generally had a fabulous start to the knew year. And I forgot Friday was Friday.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - It's snowing and snowy days are perfect studio days.


  1. I love your sweater! So much texture. Looking forward to seeing the whole outfit.

    1. Thanks. I'm working on the dress today so hopefully it won't be too long before that part is done.

  2. Your bolero is fantastic! I love the tied together effect. So clever!

    1. Thanks. I followed some "what if" thoughts and that's where they led. I like that I can fine-tune the fit even more with more ties.

  3. Serging that fabric into yarn is a great idea, and one I may need to try with a certain piece of fabric in my stash. That will mean one less thing in the fabric stash and one more thing in the yarn stash, but potentially more usable as then I will be able to either knit or weave it into something fun.


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