Wednesday, January 24, 2018

What To Do With The Orange Top And Other Options

Today is a knitting day. This morning, I took my broken serger and all of my very dull scissors to the shop to be repaired and sharpened which leaves me with virtually no way to sew. Which is fine. I can debate what to do next with a few of the garments I'm working on and - hopefully - come up with answers.

I just finished an orange top supposedly for outfit three and although I'm really happy with how the piece came together, I'm not happy with it as part of the outfit. In stash, I have a bright turquoise knit and a very well co-ordinated yarn so I'll start by knitting a cardigan while I think about what to do with the orange top and other options.

It started with a sleeveless, linen dress that I bought at the thrift store a year or so ago. After I cut off the length, it fit on me but barely - tight with no room to breathe.

I opened the shoulder seams, removed the facing, and matched all the edges and then used an already altered pattern to shape the neckline and armholes.

The original dress was ankle length which provided extra fabric for making matching bias tape to use around the armholes and under the collar. If you've never used a bias tape press, they come in a variety of sizes and are wonderful for making bias from the fashion fabric.

The collar was formed from the cut off hem pieces and sewn right to wrong side on the inside of the neckline and then folded up and over to the front. The seam is visible if you lift up the collar. The bias helped to finish that edge nicely especially as my serger was broken and I couldn't use that option.

Once the center back seam was opened and the tension of the too-tighted-ness taken away, I needed a good 4" of additional ease through the hip which I created with a triangle shaped tuck before adding random patches up the back seam.

Working on the top took most of the weekend and - as I said - I'm quite pleased with how it transformed itself from the original dress into this garment. However... it's not a typical colour for me and with the painted pants shown in the earlier image, it feels overpowering - both the colour and the collar. It's unusual for me to wear a statement collar because they don't allow for a cardigan or a necklace, both of which are part of my signature look.

I may over-dye the orange with pink to see if I can get more of a rosy tone... or give the top to a friend who would look perfect in this colour. I could also take off the collar off and finish the neck edge with bias which would make it easier to wear with a turquoise cardigan toning the outfit down. I'm knitting. I'm debating.

The same tension issue is happening with the print cardigan I'm refashioning from the original skirt of outfit 1. It needs more room through the front. I like how it's coming together and just need to figure out how to finish center front and the neckline. The back has come a bit further since this picture. I added some applique to break up the black expanse and draw the eye up. Hopefully it will be done soon for you to see.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - trying something new


  1. Love the orange top!!! Don't second guess yourself, the collar is original, understated-funky. I know you like statement necklaces, but would a statement pin make the cut? Give it a chance!

    1. It may not make the trip but I'm definitely going to save it and sew a pretty summer skirt to go with it. I have the PERFECT fabric for that in stash already. I love the way it evolved and I don't want to take anything away.

  2. I agree. That is a great neckline on a fabulous statement top. Lois K

    1. It'll stay and be the start of my summer wardrobe. The outfit parts are starting to dance around and want to combine themselves differently. This is fun.

  3. Glad you have decided to keep that orange top. It's fun and just different enough to stand out without verging into hollering 'look at me, I'm different!'. I love it!


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